The BP Tangguh LNG Expansion Project includes the construction of two offshore platforms, 13 new production wells, an expanded loading facility, a new LNG jetty, and associated infrastructure. With the addition of the third train, the production capacity of the LNG plant will increase by approximately 50% to 11.4Mtpa.

Provide TGI a seismic monitoring platform for enabling rapid post-event assessment of the building in support of the emergency response plan to avoid unnecessary evacuations delivering seismic resilience.

To implement Kinemetrics’s open-architecture Aspen seismic monitoring and information platform, consisting of 20 remote seismic stations and the Data Center, along with any future network augmentations without any interruption to the concurrent operations.

To ensure continuous and safe operations in the event of an earthquake, the Condor2 solution for NPPs must be seismically qualified per IEEE-344 standards. Kinemetrics can perform most required testing and analyses in-house to satisfy plant-specific requirements.

With CNAT’s commitment to a continuous process of improvements at the plant subsystems, Kinemetrics, Inc. was awarded two contracts to upgrade the existing Condor System Central Controllers, as well as incorporating changes requested by Spain’s nuclear oversight agency, Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear (CSN).