Kinemetrics Instrumentation Division

Kinemetrics Instrumentation Division is the core of Kinemetrics, Inc. Founded in Pasadena, California, in 1969; the Instrumentation Division traditionally designs and manufactures a wide-range of Kinemetrics sensors and digitizers/recorders. Kinemetrics engineers were the inventors of strong motion seismology as we know it today. The K2, Etna, Basalt and Obsidian, Episensor and Hyposensor, are all brand names with international reputation. Kinemetrics has representatives in tens of countries all over the world, offices in Lausanne, Rome, Tokyo, and training centers in Dubai and Vienna, which are all collectively used by the other three Divisions.

Open Systems and Services Division

The Open Systems & Services (OSS) Division brings unique perspectives to seismic and structural monitoring solutions providing onsite and remote maintenance and operation services beyond Kinemetrics’ OEM capability. OSS Division is based in Pasadena, California, and maintains its own data center (on premises and in the cloud) for state-of-health monitoring of client’s seismic networks, and for structural monitoring systems providing business continuity solutions. OSS’ array of comprehensive services and solutions are meant to protect human lives, capital assets, and critical infrastructure investments around the globe.

Quanterra Digitizer Division

The Quanterra, Inc. Division was acquired by Kinemetrics to bring on board the best expertise in the world in analog-to-digital converters. Quanterra, together with Streckeisen in Switzerland and Prof. Erhard Wielandt, were the inventors of broadband seismology as we know it today. Quanterra contributed to the development of the latest STS-family seismometers. Quanterra has also delivered the only 26-bit digitizer in the marketplace. Quanterra is based in Boston, Massachusetts and is a US distributor for Streckeisen GmbH.

BRTT Software Strategic Partner

Boulder Real Time Technologies, Inc. is based in Boulder, Colorado, and specializes in software development. In particular, the Antelope Environmental Data Acquisition Platform. It is a fully autonomous and fully supported commercial grade software platform. It is a scalable and data-driven architecture. The largest seismic networks in the world, with 400-500 hundred stations, such as IRIS-USArray/TA, Italy-DPC, or Alaska Regional Network, all use Antelope. Layered with Kinemetrics instrumentation, Antelope functions as the brain for data collection, processing and results in dissemination.

Streckeisen Sensor Strategic Partner

Streckeisen, GmbH is a Pfungen, Switzerland, based company specialized in the most performant broadband seismometer design and manufacturing. Since its inception, it has delivered consistently the best seismometers in the world, both in data quality and in reliability. Together with Quanterra and Prof. Erhard Wielandt, Streckeisen has been the inventor of broadband seismology as we know it today. The STS-family of broadband seismometers are the de facto standard to which all other seismometers are compared.