About the Client

swissnuclear is an association of four Swiss nuclear power plants and represents their joint interests in relation to general public, politics, and safety. https://www.swissnuclear.ch/en/home.html

As part of swissnuclear seismic monitoring of their nuclear plants, deep borehole arrays were installed at three sites: Gösgen (KKG), Benzau (KKB), and Leibstadt (KKL). Swissnuclear offices in Olten housed the data center (ODC).

Project Objective

Design, install, and maintain a robust network of deep borehole arrays throughout northern Switzerland. The network will provide for continuous long-term data collection for research purposes and input update of probabilistic seismic hazard study.

Project Achievement

Installed world’s deepest Hyposensor at 669m!

Designed and fabricated special borehole spider attachments to assure verticality while allowing glass bead pass-through.

Utilized special fiberglass reinforced casing for non-metallic section to enable Hyposensor compass orientation feature.

Implemented automatic processing and reporting tool AutoPro and SMA Reports.

Project Insights

Budget Breakdown

The total project cost was 3M CHF (2015). Kinemetrics instrumentation and installation accounted for 13%. The cabling alone was 1/3 of our total cost.

16ECEE Presentation

Project was detailed and presented at the 16th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering at Thessaloniki in 2018.

World’s Deepest Hyposensor

At 669m deep, it currently stands as world’s deepest borehole using Kinemetrics’ Hyposensor technology.

Glass Fibre Reinforced (GFK) Casing

In order to utilize the compass orientation feature, a GFK casing was used at the bottom section in place of steel


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