About The Client

Owned by Chevron and designed by Bechtel, the Wheatstone LNG Project is part of Western Australia’s first natural gas hub and set to become one of the largest resource projects—providing greater security of supply in the Asia-Pacific region.

Project Objective

To ensure safe operations the design included provisions for earthquakes and required seismic monitoring to assess plant condition after an earthquake and to determine Operating Basis Earthquake (OBE) limits exceedance to initiate emergency response procedures for a plant’s safe shutdown.

Project Achievement

The CONDOR System solution monitors free-field ground motions as well as the foundation and roof tank responses due to earthquakes and determines, in real-time, whether thishas or has not exceeded the plant’s Operating Basis Earthquake (OBE) design requirements to continue operations or initiate safe plant’s shutdown procedures.

Project Insights


Provided solution designed to meet IECEx Explosion-Proof standards.

Seismic Monitoring

Implemented CONDOR system solution to monitor seismic activity in real-time with automatic OBE analysis, alarm, and reporting.

Safe Operations

Increased Operators confidence on safe operations and emergency response procedures.

Operational Continuity

Avoided uncertainties in decision making process and continuing of operations.


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