We brought together the architect’s vision, the structural engineers’ imaginative problem solving, the universities’ pride in ownership, and the inevitable budget sensitive circumstances to achieve a truly unique and beneficial structural monitoring system.

Kinemetrics supplies high-resolution digitizers and engineering services to achieve the monitoring mission. That includes transmitting data in an authorized and untampered matter.

With Duke Energy’s continued efforts of upgrading obsolete plant systems, in 2019, Kinemetrics, Inc. was awarded a contract to replace the original Kinemetrics’ SMA-3 Seismic Monitoring System in service at HNP since 1987!

The USArray / TA was designed to operate in real-time with maximum reliability and data availability. Configuration of each remote USArray / TA station consists of a broadband seismometer (the majority of seismometers in USArray / TA are the STS-2.5), the Q330 data acquisition, the EpiSensor accelerometer, two barometers, an infrasound sensor, a temperature sensor and VIE unit (Intelligent power management and communication device).