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CIMET Arquitectos is a thriving, leading architectural firm in Mexico City driven by three tenets: the power of architecture to create a positive urban environment, generating rich spatial experiences, and sustainability’s influence for a better future.

Project Objective

Provide TGI a seismic monitoring platform for enabling rapid post-event assessment of the building in support of the emergency response plan to avoid unnecessary evacuations delivering seismic resilience.

Project Achievement

First implementation of the OASIS (Online Alerting of Structural Integrity and Safety) Platform in Mexico.

TGI OASIS System includes SAFE Reports, which provides information on the safety and integrity of the building immediately after the earthquake shaking stops in support of the emergency response plan avoiding unnecessary evacuations and enabling business continuity.

Project Insights

2020-06-23 M7.4 EARTHQUAKE

The system performed well during the Santa María Zapotitlán, Mexico earthquake, and automatically sent the SAFE Report used for the immediate emergency response actions and post-event evaluation of the building.


The project has won various awards such as the CTBUH MEP Engineering 2020 Award of Excellence and presented as well at many conferences, including the 2018 SMIE - XXI National Structural Engineering Congress, Campeche, Mexico.


The TGI OASIS System was implemented in 2018 with an exceptional performance thus far, contributing to effective emergency response during a couple of earthquakes, which created elsewhere in Mexico City massive evacuations, downtime, and distress.


The TGI OASIS System project plays a vital role within the larger picture of a more seismic resilient society in Mexico City, which was evidenced with the last major earthquakes in Mexico in 2019 and 2020 when TGI achieved a minimal business disruption.


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