Key Advantages

  • For Facility Managers

    Better manage decisions on evacuation and reoccupation.

  • For Business Owners

    Save money by reducing downtime and continue business as usual.

  • For Occupants

    Know what to do during and after the building shock; request help.

  • For Developers

    Increase value with built-in business continuity solution.

  • For Government

    Evaluate location-based condition of critical government buildings and staff in order to (re)allocate emergency assets.


Real-Time Monitoring

Implement a customized structural monitoring system to acquire essential data during shaking (earthquakes, strong winds, etc.), convert date into meaningful and presentable information, and rapidly disseminate information to key decision makers.

Administrator Console

The facility manager obtains real-time information on the situation of the building occupants, hazardous conditions, and damages as notifications and photos. The information enables the facility manager to better manage the situation, communicate with occupants via notifications, direct security and service personnel, or request and direct external support.

Smart Phone App

The occupants are informed what to do during and after an earthquake. This is a personal real-time emergency response plan. Two-way communication allows the user to inform building manager about personal location and condition (͞I am save͟ or possible perilous circumstances including injuries), hazardous conditions and damages via notifications and photos.

Platform for Informed Decision Making

We assure citywide safety by collecting information on status of essential and/or critical buildings, hazardous situations, injuries of occupants, and aiding government agencies to reduce response time and avoid functional disruption.


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