About Our Client

Peña Colorada is a company dedicated to the exploration, exploitation, and processing of Iron Ore for the Mexican steel industry. Founded in 1975 as a state-owned company, the Minera Peña Colorada became a private company in 1991. Currently owned by two investors; ArcelorMittal and Ternium, each with 50% of the shares. The Peña Colorada Ore deposits are the most important in Mexico, producing approximately 30% of Iron Ore used in the Mexican industry.

Project Objective

Establishment of a real-time seismic monitoring network based on Kinemetrics iDAM Platform that integrates with the existing geotechnical monitoring at the Guásimas and Arrayanal tailing dams. This provides immediate access to data and information on the impact of the earthquake, allowing informed decision-making regarding the structural integrity of the dams and the level of the required emergency response.

Project Achievement

Installation of a 30-channel iDAM Seismic Monitoring Network with real-time alerting and reporting for the Guásimas and Arrayanal dams.

Project Insights


Provided solution based on the highly reliable Rock+ Platform and EpiSensor FBA, both with exceptional MTBF.

Seismic Monitoring

Implemented an iDAM platform solution to monitor real-time seismic activity and its impact on the tailing dams.

Safe Operations

Increased Operator’s confidence in safe operations and the level of the required emergency response.

Easy Maintenance

Delivered a system solution with extensive built-in utilities for easy servicing and maintenance by local I&C personnel.


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