About the Mission

KMA’s reliable and highest quality seismic data is used to characterize the earthquakes and volcanoes in and around the Korean Peninsula, and to alert businesses and population in case of significant earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis.

Project Objective

Kinemetrics delivered the open-architecture Aspen seismic monitoring and information platform that includes 266 remote seismic stations and the Data Center located in Seoul. All stations are exclusively based on Kinemetrics’ Quanterra® 24-bit (Models Q330S and Q330S+) and 26-bit (Model Q330HRS) field data acquisition systems. South Korean KMA network also implemented Kinemetrics’ surface EpiSensor and borehole HypoSensor accelerometers as well as the Streckeisen broadband seismometers Models STS-1, STS-2, STS2.5, STS-5A. The Data Center operates under the commercial mission-critical Antelope data acquisition and processing software. The same software has also been the cornerstone of the USArray operation that delivered 99.8% data return over ~1,800 installations in 10 years.

Project Achievement

All Aspen remote stations were installed in optimum conditions were the data streams are collected at Data Center located at KMA headquarters in Seoul. The Aspen’s Antelope software performs data acquisition, seismic signal detection, earthquake location, magnitude determination, data archiving, and data exchange. Recently, earthquake Early Warning modules were developed and added to the Antelope’s open-architecture for issuing alarms and notifications.

Project Insights


The broadband seismometers, surface and borehole, the accelerometers, surface and borehole, and the dataloggers are the most trusted and best in their respective classes worldwide.


Kinemetrics Aspen system with an open-architecture approach allows a seamless gradual network augmentation without running into roadblocks.


The Kinemetrics's Aspen open-architecture platform allowed the KMA seamlessly to increase the number the stations without any software or hardware modifications over the years. Lately, KMA software developers successfully implemented the Earthquake Early Warning modules to the Aspen open-architecture platform.


The MTBF of Kinemetrics products and solutions is measured in tens of years. Typically, the data return of Kinemetrics networks and systems is at or above 99%.


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