About Our Client

Centrales Nucleares Almaraz-Trillo AIE (CNAT) strives for a clean, safe, and competitive energy production alternative. Through professionalism and technological renewal in a continuous process of improvement, updating, and modernization, it is committed to the environment of Spain. Ranked number two in the Combined Administrative Services sector in Spain, CNAT has a turnover of €163 Million.

Project Objective

With CNAT’s commitment to a continuous process of improvements at the plant subsystems, Kinemetrics, Inc. was awarded two contracts to upgrade the existing Condor System Central Controllers, as well as incorporating changes requested by Spain’s nuclear oversight agency, Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear (CSN).

Project Achievement

Successfully delivered a total of four Condor Central Controller Computers and accessories in late 2018. The upgrades of the Trillo Nuclear Plant were satisfactorily installed and commissioned in 2019. While the enhancements at the Almaraz Plant are scheduled for 2020.

Project Insights


Provided solution designed to meet US NRC Regulatory Guidelines 1.12 and 1.166 as well as industry standards such as IEEE, ANSI/ANS, and EPRI.


Solved special cybersecurity requirements for which were implemented specific project checks, including software protection and physical port blockers.

Factory Inspection

Due to the special cybersecurity requirements, the client was witnessing the Factory Acceptance Test.

Easy Installation

Since the controllers were factory configured with the plant’s operational parameters, the installation and commissioning were simple.


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