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The 99% Data Return Recipe

Featuring Dr. Mathias Franke, Kinemetrics Inc.

99% Data Return over an entire year – No Timing Issues – No Micro Gaps. These performance indicators tell the story of sound engineering, outstanding dataloggers, and enterprise-class software.

Data return is the ultimate benchmark of the success of any environmental monitoring network. Without data, operators gain no value from their investment in the system. Systems related to the observational sciences (e.g., seismic networks, etc.) rely even more heavily upon high data returns. You can’t schedule an earthquake, so if the system misses data, generates error-laced returns, or experiences downtime, entire events can be missed.

In this informative webinar + Q&A, Dr. Mathias Franke describes how to achieve the lofty target of 99% data return with pristine timing in real-world seismic systems. This presentation places particular emphasis on the practical application of specific technology based upon a proven track record of delivering unmatched data return in large mission-critical systems.

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April 5 @ 9AM (Pacific)