Webinar Schedule

Quantix Q8 Storage and Telemetry

Featuring Dennis Pumphrey, Kinemetrics Inc.

The Qantix Q8 represents the pinnacle of Quanterra’s 30+ years’ undisputed leadership in designing the most advanced ultra-high performance data acquisition systems in our marketplace. Designed to support updating of existing Q330-based global and regional networks, the Q8 offers the same reliability, extraordinary temperature stability and data redundancy together with new advanced features.

In this session, returning speaker Dennis Pumphrey will educate us on the many storage and telemetry options provided by the Q8. He will discuss four different storage devices and Advanced Archival methods. In addition, several telemetry topics, including Hybrid mode, ORB server, SEEDLink, and QSCD will be detailed.

Dennis may even give us some insight on an important upcoming enhancement that you won’t want to miss!


August 31 @ 9AM (Pacific)