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Ensuring Safe and Compliant Earthquake Response and LNG Facility Operational Continuity
using the KMI-LNG Platform

Featuring Dr. Khalid Saifullah, Kinemetrics, Inc.

Liquified Natural Gas has emerged as a primary secure energy source to meet global demands while keeping affordability and carbon emission goals in check. With the increasing demand for cleaner energy, the number of LNG facilities is expected to grow in the coming years, with North America leading the LNG export market.

Safe operations of these critical facilities is paramount, as uninformed decision-making can lead to catastrophic consequences. Earthquakes present a serious natural hazard that can have a substantial impact on the safety and continuous operation of these facilities.

The KMI-LNG Earthquake Response and Management Platform is designed to help facility operators immediately understand the impact of earthquake ground motion on their structures, thus eliminating any guesswork. This platform not only enables compliance with regulatory requirements, but also ensures informed decision-making by the facility manager for continuous operations after an event.

In this live webinar and Q&A session, Dr. Khalid Saifullah will discuss how to meet the operational and regulatory requirements of these critical facilities, while ensuring safe and responsible decision-making during emergency events to help protect the world’s supply of cleaner energy.

This webinar is a must for anyone interested in learning how to ensure safe and compliant operations of critical energy facilities.

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March 6 @ 9AM (Pacific)


KMI-LNG: Ensuring Operational Continuity and Safety for LNG Facilities

Featuring Mauricio Ciudad-Real, Kinemetrics Inc.

Protecting liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities is critical to maintaining access to cleaner energy for communities around the world. Catastrophic losses result from interrupted operations at LNG facilities during earthquakes. Accurate assessment of structural impact, and informative alerts are vital ingredients to safe and efficient operation of these facilities during an emergency.

Decisions during this kind of emergency are too important to make without reliable and actionable information. Targeting response to the correct actions can be difficult, especially when time and accuracy are essential. In these situations, real-time information on potentially damaging ground motion is required to initiate the proper emergency response procedures.

In this informative webinar + Q&A, Mauricio Ciudad-Real will introduce us to how leading LNG operators monitor their facilities, understand the status of their structures, and leverage data to manage emergency response decisions more confidently before, during, and after earthquake events.

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May 3 @ 9AM (Pacific)

Continued Post-Earthquake Safe Operations at LNG Plants

Featuring Mauricio Ciudad-Real, Kinemetrics Inc.

With the international focus on the growing importance of liquefied natural gas as a cleaner energy source, it is imperative that organizations understand how to quickly implement and maintain the required level of operational safety. Safety requirements do not encompass only the actions taken during an emergency event; they represent a continual responsibility to ensure that the LNG plant and personnel maintain safe operations.

In this webinar, Mauricio Ciudad-Real will introduce KMI-LNG, a technology platform designed to meet the specific needs of the energy industry. KMI-LNG delivers real-time earthquake data recording, automatic analysis, notifications, and reports along with state-of-health hardware monitoring via a single platform.

By removing the guesswork for operators and emergency response personnel, KMI-LNG quickly responds when the earthquake occurs providing the information and tools required by plant operators to make the most informed decisions possible.

July 27 @ 9AM (Pacific)

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Expert Panel: The Kinemetrics Information Series On-Demand Library

Expert Panel: The Kinemetrics Information Series On-Demand Library

In this special session, our panel of experts will review the knowledge base of 28 on-demand webinars created in 2020 Kinemetrics Information Series.

Dr. Derek Skolnik will host Dr. Mathias Franke, Dr. Lani Oncescu, and Mauricio Ciudad-Real in a discussion of topics across four categories: Products, Seismology, Earthquake Engineering, and Business Continuity.

This informative webinar + Q&A will provide a synopsis for each category, discuss what we learned, and provide information on how best to utilize these resources in your own projects.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Time: February 10, 2021 9:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Achieving Safe and Compliant Operational Continuity with CONDOR2

KMI Information Series Webinar + Q&A!!!

Join us as we take a look at how the CONDOR2 platform delivers safe and compliant operational continuity for critical infrastructure.

In this session, Mauricio Ciudad-Real will demonstrate best practices for operational continuity in one of, if not the most, rigorous regulatory environments: the Energy Sector.

This informative webinar will help plant operators, I&C engineers, and regulators understand how the CONDOR2 platform provides not only compliance, but also provides confidence in continuing plant operations or initiating emergency response protocols after an earthquake.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Time: Jun 17, 2020 10:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)