Seattle Children’s Hospital Becomes First Private U.S. Healthcare Facility to Implement OasisPlus; System Provides Info, Communication, Reporting for “What’s Next” After Earthquake Early Warning

May 16, 2019

OasisPlus is a technology platform that allows mission-critical facilities to prepare response teams and occupants more effectively before an earthquake, as well as to avoid unnecessary evacuations and business process interruptions to immediately secure ongoing critical operations following a seismic event. Better-informed decision-making — driven by real-time data reported during an earthquake and after the… View Article

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Kinemetrics Celebrating 15 Years in EarthScope

February 15, 2019

Kinemetrics is celebrating 15 years in EarthScope. Both USArray and PBO exclusively use the Quanterra Q330 data acquisition systems and Antelope Data Acquisition Software. Now we are in Alaska where 70% of the USArray’s seismic sensors are Streckeisens’ STS-5A.

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