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AUTOPRO | AUTOMATIC PROCESSING & REPORTING TOOL Autopro is an Automatic Processing standalone or add-on program for generating highly consumable and customizable reports from earthquake monitoring systems. Reports generally consist of an “executive summary” cover page followed by any number more technical pages full of colorful figures.

There are three report categories currently available:

SAFE Reports effectively communicate the results of an earthquake monitoring and alarm system such as OASIS and OasisPlus for buildings or the CONDOR system for offshore platforms. SAFE CAMPUS Reports are for assessing impact on a campus of buildings based on exceedance of response spectra limits from ground stations only.

*NEW* Introducing a new SAFE Report called BOSI (Building Occupancy Shake Impact) ideal for obtaining useful information (like alarms) from minimal code-based monitoring systems such as iCOBI and CSMIP systems. Affectionately touted as the “ShakeMap® for Buildings”, BOSI was the subject of a recent webinar in KMI information series – inquire below to access the recording.

SMA Reports deliver technical results from traditional strong motion analyses of data from ground, borehole, and/or structural instrumentation arrays. SMA reports are ideal for reporting data from monitoring systems such as iCOBI, CSMIP, and iDAM.

MAINT Reports are daily reports that deliver state-of-health (SOH) snapshots of the monitoring system including computers, network connections, latency, digitizers/recorder SOH, data availability, and trends in sensor noise & offsets.


  • Simple graphical user interface
  • Numerical integration of acceleration for velocities and displacements
  • Ground motion parameters PGA, PGV, PGD, CAV, duration and Arias Intensity
  • 3D building heat-map with alarm-colored floors for SAFE Reports
  • Response spectra and spectral amplification
  • Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and transfer functions
  • Stacked plots of acceleration, velocity, and displacement for building elevation view for SAFE Reports
  • Tabulated peak response values or bullet line graphs
  • Building sway and inter-story drift display for SAFE Reports
  • X-Y particle motion
  • Tabulated peak response values or bullet line graphs
  • Historical sensor noise and offset tracking for MAINT Reports
  • Custom images, texts and company logos
  • Archives all processed data and results
  • Emails and posts to your API w/ authentication


  • Puts the right information in right hands - automatic delivery of multiple reports to multiple clients immediately after earthquake shaking stops
  • Never miss an opportunity to demonstrate system utility by easily going back in time to run reports manually on missed or non-earthquake events (e.g. wind storm lasting several hours)
  • Peace of mind that your monitoring system is running nominally 24/7/365
  • Converts highly technical results into an easily consumable executive summary for all stakeholders to appreciate


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