Webinar Schedule

Featuring Mohamed El Idrissi, Kinemetrics, Inc.

KMIDam is a technology platform designed to manage your portfolio of dams with real-time information before, during and post-event. Leveraging a combination of smart sensing, modelling, digital twins, and real-time processing tools, KMIDam provides immediate feedback during events, and tracks changes to your structures that may lead to problems over time.

In this session, Mohamed El Idrissi will walk us through case studies on ensuring dam safety via this powerful tool. The lens of real-world scenarios eliminates hyperbole, and exposes the impact that systems actually have on critical facilities, teams, and communities. This is where KMIDam shines.

Join us for this informative webinar and Q&A session, and take advantage of the opportunity to leverage the expertise and experience of Mr. El Idrissi.

We look forward to seeing you there!


September 6 @ 9AM (Pacific)