About Our Client

The Republican Seismic Survey Center of Azerbaijan National Academy of Science is the main organization, involved in the research and study of earthquakes on the territory of Azerbaijan Republic. Seismological, geophysical, geochemical and geodynamic complex researches are conducted in the Center.

Project Objective

Create an open-architecture system that will provide a state-of-the-art solution for its National Seismic Network (NSN) and Seismic Information System (SIS).

Project Achievement

Provided a Real‐Time Seismic Monitoring and Management Center that served as Azerbaijan’s mission-critical earthquake emergency-response system.

Project Insights

Multi-Sensor Integration

Integrated instrumentation and software into a multi-sensor seismic network that produced high-quality information for the public.

System Flexibility and Scalability

Provided flexibility and scalability of the seismic monitoring platform which allowed the network to evolve from 16 stations to 35 within short period of time.

System Interoperability

Provided interoperability of the seismic monitoring platform which enabled RSSC to exchange data in real-time with three international seismological organizations (IRIS, ORFEUS, and EMSC).

Data Return

Annual upgrades of the data center keeps the seismic network operating at a high standard returning an average data availability in the +90% range.


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