Key Advantages

  • For Structural Designers and Builders of Tall, Ultra-Tall Buildings & Bridges

    Develop earthquake-resistant design, retrofit, and repair approaches.

  • For Power Plants & Industrial Facilities Designers, Builders and Operators

    Develop earthquake-resistant design, enable a realistic assessment of risk and reliability for decision making, enable accurate estimation of real-time response information to facilitate emergency shutdown if instrumented for this purpose.


SFSI Analysis

We perform soil-foundation-structure interaction (SFSI) analysis at various levels of sophistication – ranging from 3D nonlinear simulations of the full system under seismic loads to utilization of substructure method with kinematic interaction and foundation damping effects or employing simplified modification factors – based on specific requirements of each project.

Customized Needs

We also offer customized solutions based on project types. For example, in the case of wind farms, we can perform multi-hazard (combined wind, wave, and earthquake) analysis and risk assessment. We can also provide information such as damage identification, remaining life prognosis, in between others if structural health monitoring systems are implemented.


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