Key Advantages

  • For Governmental Authorities

    Prepare and plan for earthquake disaster response, management, and mitigation actions.

  • For Designers, Builders & Operators

    Develop earthquake-resistant design, strengthening, and rehabilitation approaches.

  • For Emergency Responders & Managers

    Enable effective emergency response and disaster management.



We can inventorize these systems at various levels of details that range from accurate digital modeling using high-end technology to typology-based identification according to the needs of a specific project.

Seismic Performance & Risk Analysis

We evaluate the seismic performance of each system and its components using methods that range from simplified analysis to advanced numerical simulations, develop fragility models and provide a risk assessment for individual systems as well as the interactions between systems.

Damage Identification & Cost Assessment

We can provide post-earthquake damage identification (including underground lifelines) and cost estimation at varying degree of precision depending on the sophistication of the technology used (drone & lidar surveys, health monitoring systems, etc.) and the method of analysis employed.


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