For those whose job it is to maintain large number of
stations, we implemented Streamlined Station Maintenance
(SSM) that allows you to use your browser to log maintenance
activities such as software updates, site inspections, or
battery replacements right on the unit.  These logs can
be automatically uploaded to your data center for archiving,
reducing paper work in the field, and eliminating human error.
When you’re ready to get into Earthquake Early Warning
Systems (EEWS), the Obsidian 12X is ready too. Balance
communications bandwidth and data latency with not one but
two mechanisms to deliver ultra-low latency data.
•  12, 24 and 36 channel versions
•  Sampling rates up to 5,000 sps
•  State-of-the-art 24-bit ADC
•  Dynamic range 139 dB
•  Built-in GPS, 1 μsec accuracy with GPS locked or PTP
•  IP communications over Ethernet port
•  Real-time, Dial-up and Dial-out communication
•  Real-time streaming of only the State-Of-Health
   (SOH) info (user defined)
•  Extremely rugged design, IP 67
•  Lowest price per channel
•  Lowest Total-Cost-of Ownership (TCO)
•  A large number of application modules
•  Application Programming Interface (API) to develop your own
   add-on software modules
•  Backwards compatible with existing network operations
•  Strong security
•  Automatic data off-loaded or mirrored to removable USB
   flash drive
Upcoming Events
March 1 - March 3
6th International Conference on
Water Resources & Hydropower
Development in Asia

Vientiane, Lao

We will exhibit with Sales Manager
Outhay Viengkhou.

Event Website
Advancement through Innovation
Obsidian 12X/24X/36X are Kinemetrics' NEW multi-
channel seismic recorders and a new paradigm in open-
architecture seismic data acquisition systems.

Obsidian 12X/24X/36X offers the same features as seen in
the Obsidian4X/8X including:
March 28 - March 30
SPE/SEG Workshop: Injection Induced Seismicity - Engineering Integration, Evaluation, and Mitigation

Fort Worth, Texas

We participate in this workshop with Business Development Manager Lani Oncescu.

Event Website
April 5, 2016 - April 8, 2016
EERI Annual Meeting

San Francisco, CA

We will exhibit with Program Manager Mauricio Ciudad-Real.

Event Website
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